Accountancy and Non Audit Services

Preparation of financial statements and tax declarations 
Payrolls and social security contributions/ welfare costs 
Employment laws advice 
International reporting systems 
Consolidated financial statements 
Assistance with tax and social controls 
Assistance in the creation of companies 
Assistance with new business start-up 
Local and international taxation compliance and advice
Business planning 
Assets valuation 
Managerial and cost accounting 
Cross border services 

Search for investors 
Search for companies 
Services are provided to comply with local regulations.
In accordance with the specific local regulations these services may not be available in each country - please contact your local JPA International office to obtain confirmation on the availibility of the service required. 

JPA International created JPA Consulting International in 2000, in order to respond to demands from those who were dealing with specific field of activities not yet regulated. 
JPA Consulting International is today a subsidiary of JPA International and operates following the same kind of organization.